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We offer health and wellness programs that help improve overall health and lower employee or company’s healthcare costs.

Senior Wellness

Our Quest: Helping You Achieve Optimal Health.

With reimbursement cutbacks to physicians and only a limited amount of time to see patients we offer ancillary services to help make-up losses.

Platinum Partners Wellness is the Arizona Master Area Developer for RX2Live. To Learn how you can own your very own franchise in the health and wellness industry - give us a call, or send us a note and we will schedule a time for you to learn more about this amazing opportunity in this explosive industry! Own a franchise in Arizona and be your own boss!

Our Senior Wellness Program caters to the lifestyle of patients in senior centers. Our professionals will keep you in form. 

​Platinum Partners Wellness healthcare services - the premier consulting firm with over 25 years experience in the Licensing and Franchising. We are part of the sophisticated business system of RX2Live, offering health and wellness solutions to physicians, employers, and small business business owners. 

The mission of Platinum Partners Wellness is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive medical/wellness services and products at a fair value. The most important aspect of our business is trust. Our goal is to have 100% client satisfaction regarding quality, friendliness, time to delivery, and the discovery of new ways to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Practice Growth

We start with a 20 minute analysis where we show you some ideas about identifying new, potential streams of revenue to your practice. We’ll provide you with a snapshot of how well your current practice processes are performing, and show you some new revenue streams that can bolster your practice. Our goal is to help you put the fun back into doing what you are passionate about - practicing medicine.

Brian Hazelgren Article on Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness


See How We Can Optimize Your Health!

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Brian Hazelgren Article on Corporate Wellness
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