Platinum Partners Wellness is the Master Franchisee for RX2Live in Arizona. We are always on the lookout for entrepreneurs who want to be a part of our fun and rapidly growing business.

Franchising is part of a $2.3 Trillion Revenue stream! It is a proven business strategy that allows entrepreneurs to be part of a system where they don't need to create things from scratch. And, it gives the entrepreneur an opportunity to build their own business, in their own protected territory, and build real value...something they can be proud of and even pass along to their heirs.

If you have thought about owning your own successful business; or if you have contacts in a certain area; or if you are just done with the corporate rat race, then check out these 40 REASONS WHY THIS BUSINESS COULD BE RIGHT FOR YOU!

1 – This type of business has never been franchised before and is in a half trillion dollar per year industry. That’s significantly more than all fast food restaurants combined!

2 – A proven system for over five years that is the first to be franchised in the industry. This gives you a huge advantage over others who attempt to enter the market later as a franchise company or any other company that attempts to compete in this space in the future.

3 – Very high demand and cutting edge services that are hot in the market today and will not go out of style. It’s a very comforting feeling knowing 88% of the population want some or all of the services you have available.

4 – Enjoy a very high feeling of satisfaction in knowing you have been able to change many individual’s lives for the better with improved health, wellness, vitality, energy and more. These are not typical every day services, but are services that are life changing to the end user like no other! The feeling and satisfaction that comes from what you offer is life changing for you as well.

5 – Freedom to make your own decisions for your own best welfare.

6 – Freedom to work your own hours and make best use of your time. There are no set times or hours that you have to be open.

7 – Build your dreams rather than build someone else’s dreams in their business by working for them.

8 – The best opportunity to generate a residual income. There is no better way

to enjoy several streams of residual income by setting up just a few accounts or clients once and receive income from the business they do month after month, year after year.

9 – There are no start-up fees for most of the services you can offer to the clients. This means little or no out-of-pocket expenses to get started. You are handing them increased revenue without having to invest any money in most cases. It is very hard for them to turn you down on your offer. It is the ultimate offer!

10 – Your services can provide double or triple the net income of their existing business without adding new employees or new clients or patients with little or no investment while providing a better patient or client experience!

11 – You are building your own business which is one of the greatest financial assets you can build. You are building an asset that can be passed on to your heirs or sold for several multiples of what it earns. Because your business can be comprised mostly of residual income it can be valued at a much higher rate than most businesses for sale providing the same income.

12 – It’s a very low franchise investment so you can’t harm yourself financially. For those that don’t have funds for a franchise, there are other options to participate. If you qualify, there is a chance for everyone no matter what the financial position.

13 – Very low risk because you are not investing a lot of money and there are very minimal ongoing expenses unlike other franchises.

14 – Very low overhead. There really isn’t any overhead to this business, so you can continue working it as long as you like without any concern about failing.

15 – Enjoy unlimited potential. With a job you can only go so far. With this business you can build it as large as you want.

16 – There are opportunities for the family to enjoy taking part in it and learning great principles.

17 – It’s very simple to do. One of the simplest ever.

18 – It can be built part time while you work your job or other business and not interfere with other important things you are doing.

19 – It can take away income uncertainty by securing one or more streams of income.

20 – It can provide valuable connections to individuals in this business to work with you on other projects. It is a powerful community to be part of.

21 – You can build many new friendships that will last for years.

22 – You receive real education which enhances real prosperity and provides a foundation you
can use in any business or any aspect of your life.

23 – Outstanding cutting edge services and products designed to make life better for those served in the business. These services can only be accessed through this business.

24 – Did I say residual income? The major part of the services are performed for you as the franchisee so you can enjoy income month after month.

25 – The territories are exclusive so you can receive business from others not in your territory like from national or regional accounts. This reduces your risk significantly.

26 – You have the opportunity to develop leadership qualities and grow like you never have before.

27 – You have proven leadership and support around you to mentor you and help you succeed.

28 – You have several proven systems to choose from to give you an increased ability to succeed. You can’t get bored with the same old thing over and over.

29 – As you progress in the business you become eligible for bonuses.

30 – Everyone is equal and has an equal opportunity for success.

31 – Superior training in this business and it can be used in other businesses.

32 – This is a fun business and a fun community of people to be around. You will be able to make lots of new friends.

33 – Ability to generate immediate income. The funds you receive are both immediate and ongoing.

34 – Very experienced and successful management and leadership team behind you with significant successes in franchising, business development, training and wellness.

35 – A business advisory board comprised of top level, experienced and high level of success individuals to help guide the company and franchisees.

36 – A medical and wellness advisory board with significant experience and successes in the medical world to help guide the company, provide new and innovative health services and bring the proper medical expertise into the company.

37 – Financially sound company behind you.

38 – Public relations support with a strong support system on social media to help promote your business.

39 – Did I say residual income? This is the ultimate way of generating income and is the way of the future.

40 – This franchisor will give you support and help every step of the way is committed to your success.